An ongoing sequence

You are just a cunt
Said my boyfriend Wayne today
I mean you are nuts

I am a Buddhist
Wayne said that is crap old chap
Enjoy your coffee

Pick up that tissue
Says my boyfriend Wayne today
No you pick it up

Check out that cheap chick
Says my boyfriend Wayne today
She is cute I said

We are walking there
Her arse is cute I daresay
But his is better

I am off to Haight
Said my boyfriend Wayne today
I may not be back

Life is too short to
Butter a parsnip , I said
Buttering a fig

My kitchen is new
It cost me a small fortune
But I still miss him

Wayne came back today
I bought this for you on Haight
I hope you enjoy

I look at the crap
I have no interest in
But glad to see him

Gold chain with a charm
He will someday learn better
And not piss on me

We should get a dog
In case I die soon, he says
It would be your friend

Will you soon be dead
I ask my boyfriend Wayne now
No, I am quite well.

The tests have come back
negative for all that shit
I am pleased to say

I am quite happy
To receive this news of him
It makes me feel good

Wayne is a nut case
But I love him for his style
You would love him too

We went to a farm
There were pigs as big as me
Wayne said adopt one

What adopt a pig?
You must be joking surely
Yes I am he said

Pork everyday
Said Wayne you can't imagine
But I could, so there

My whole life is pork
I am not afraid to tell
And guitars as well

Wayne said that is lie
You don't know how to love me
I could prove him wrong

I got my guitar
And told him to listen good
I sang of my love

Wayne just didn't know
How much I loved him that time
He said I was crap

Down at the Elks club
I learnt not to trust people
But Wayne loves those guys

They represent us
In so many awful ways
But are good for a laugh

One day I feed birds
Now out on Telegraph Hill
Lots of parakeets

Look at those birds fly
They have mastery sure
of the air and such

I feel slow awkward
Like a dancer in a mire
treading water now

The vet has come now
Our dog is sick with the cramps
Sunshine is her name

We visit most days
Friends who live in the Castro
Marc and Jennifer

She designed dresses
He makes a fortune in art
We drink wine and fuck

When there is a fog
In the bay I feel secure
At ease in myself.

My friends stroll about
And even Wayne is quiet
We do not argue

A catastrophe
A small earthquake but so small
And life can go on

I set the washing
Machine on it's rinse cycle
Nothing affects it

I would rather Wayne
had clean clothes than shame us all
When Judgement Day came.

The navy flies by
tomorrow late afternoon
I will shit myself

They will buzz us all
And I know Wayne will not wake
Until it is done

He will just lie there
Naked and asleep I fear
Will he wake one day?

And tell me his dreams
And his fear of him tumbling
Into my safe arms

An envelope now
From an old friend in New York
It smells of violets

I put it aside
And delay the opening
It must be bad news

The cat sleeps on chair
Next to the radiator
It is morning

So many people
Throng this town and its by ways
Only one loves me

Today a fat man
On the subway cried to God
I turned aside then

Why do I bother?
All my friends are dead these days
Never to rise up

Oh what jaunty times
We had back then in the past
In the fields of youth

I make a meal now
Wayne will soon be home I hope
Time to mow the lawn

Riding up the Coit
I press myself against Wayne
The lift person frowns at us

What a bizarre thing
Too bizarre to mention now
Perhaps later on

Wayne says toffeenose
When I stop to give money
to my ebay pal

A king bed or not
what a dilemma for us
The sales person smiles

I love the sun shine
Wayne not so much he burns lots
Man in shorts admires

Spent day in North Beach
Bought Kenneth Rexroth poetry
My friend designed it

Booked room La Boheme
Much better than the Mark Twain
But not so central

We have a coffee
Across the road at cafe
Waiter likes Waynes bum

Should I buy guitar
In charity shop window
It is a Martin

Poor fool sings the dove
While we eat ice cream today
Our garden is nice

A monkey puzzle
Is a tree not something else
We have two they thrive

Ice cream cones are nice
no matter what they tell you
You can always quit

Why was it raining?
Down by the Presidio
I was lost and wet

I found the Hilton
The lobby was warm and dry
And had free wi-fi

My cellphone was dead
No help to be had
No rescue by Wayne

Still raining outside
I could only run for it
Back to my hotel

Bart, Muni, these trains
speed me away from desire
Amtrak not so much

Down to Sunnyvale
For a weekend with my friends
I miss Wayne of course

We drink and talk some
I prance and dance and caper
It is not like me

It is a false me
It is some phantom unleashed
Upon this party

Visit a guitar shop
My friend is diffident though
About what is on show

Now a meal with friends
Water is spilt everywhere
And then is seen to

Michael consults phone
Someone has died on this date
Such I believe is fate