Found fandom through the small ads in the back of the Compact editions of New Worlds. In a desperate attempt to emulate SPECULATION he produced PHILE and then with Pat Charnock, WRINKLED SHREW. Somehow they became Joint Fan GoH's at 1979 Yorcon. He also become involved with producing NEW WORLDS and recording as part of MIKE MOORCOCK'S DEEP FIX, and sold short stories to various anthologies. Was proud to be a member of the seminal UK movement of RATFANDOM, and helped co-found and promote the legendary ASTRAL LEAUGE anti-syndicalist anarchist fannish movement with Brian Parker and D. West. He was on the committee of the Worldcon SEACON 79, and after a resurgence of fannish interest in the early years of this century, mainly stimulated by those lovely boys at CHUNGA, produced three issues of a new fanzine, BYE BYE JOHNNY, and helped organize the Winchester Corflu Cobalt. As well as CHUNGA and the Hugo winning issue of SCIENCE-FICTION FIVE-YEARLY he has written for various contemporary fanzines such as SOWS, TRAP DOOR, MOTORWAY DREAMER,and BANANA WINGS. In fact if you ask him to write for anything, he probably will, that's just the kind of whore he is.He is a fandom fan and via various CORFLUs and Harry Bell's Yahoo Group made and cemented many friendships in the US, and would like an opportunity to make some new ones. He has a website which you can navigate to from the link above to find examples of his general craziness.


THE SCIENCE BIT: I saw a tv programme about how Andrew Wiles proved Fermat's Last Theorem. I got 1% for maths in my mock A-level and that was for writing my name correctly. So don't expect me to understand much about Fermat's Last Theorem or how Wiles proved it by finding some relationship between 'modular forms' with a Japanese conjecture about elliptical curves. Proving a concept that relies on a language developed by humans specifically to deal with solving problems conjured up by the language itself has always seemed to me a particularly circular activity, and one maths is very good at.

But such things have little to do with material existence.

You are better off proving a wall exists by stubbing your toe on it or proving a fanzine exists by producing one, or proving that fun can be had by partying at conventions until you drop.

How to Party by Graham Charnock, reprinted from Science Fiction Five Yearly No. 12

THE FICTION BIT: If elected I will happily make a fool of myself at the drop of a hat, sing lots of Astral Leauge songs, and carry on the spirit of British con partying which so terrifies US fans, and report back with full gory details. That's why you should vote for me for TAFF.

-- Graham Charnock, December 2010



Peter Weston: "I'm going to work unceasingly to get him voted as TAFF winner..."

Moshe Feder: "You've got my vote, pal!"

Doug Bell: "I'm plugging you for TAFF."

Joyce Scrivener: "Go for it Graham!"

Taral Wayne: "I've heard of you. For a TAFF delegate, that's a big plus in my mind."

Gary Farber: "I know you'll do a fantastic job..."

Alison Scott: "You have my vote and no mistake."

Lucy Huntzinger: "Brilliant!"

Alyson L Abramowitz: "Go Graham! Hope u win and come visit."

Curt Phillips