As we all know, Fanac is a gamble. You may end up basking in an accumulated glory of egoboo, or you may gafiate, or be forced to gafiate, your ego crushed, your store of egoboo exhausted.

FANAC is a game for any number of fans but, as with the real thing, the more the merrier. Each player should equip himself with his own playing token. Bottle~tops are ideal. Drink the contents of the bottle before you commence play. In addition to a playing token each player starts the game with 5 egoboos, The faint-hearted may use matchsticks, but it's more fun if five-pound notes are used. Or at least shilling pieces. Each player also places 1 egoboo in a central pool or bank.

To Begin

Play commences at May on the inner annual cycle of fanac. A single die is use. Every year each player has the opportunity to publish four fanzines, by landing on the appropriate FANZINE square. When he does so he takes 1 egoboo from the bank or, if the bank is empty, from the player on his right. Note: This is a general rule regarding all gains of egoboo.

A player landing on a LoC square must check whether either of the two LoC squares connected to his own by the dotted lines is occupied. If this applies, the player whose turn it is pays one egoboo (in the form of a LoC) to the player occupying the linked square or squares.

A player landing on the Gafia or Bad Review squares pays the required number of egoboos into the bank.

Convention Time

A player must land on April* to transfer to the outer twenty-four hour convention circuit. Throughout the convention you acquire 1 egoboo from the bank (or from the player on your right if the general rule mentioned above applies) every time you land on an EGO square. If you are unlucky enough to land on the penalty squares you lose egoboos as indicated.

*See Transfer Rule below for an alternative means of attending the convention.

Room Party

2.00 to 3.00 in the morning is Room Party time. A player attending a room party gains one egoboo in the form of flattery. If he enters the room party at 2.00 am he may choose, upon his next turn, to move to 3.00 and gain another egoboo.


From 4.00 to 7.00am all good fans are presumed to be abed. If you land on any of these squares, you move only one square when your turn next comes up. A player landing on or reaching 7.OOam throws the die on his next turn and proceeds accordingly.

Completing the Convention

A player makes 1 round only of the convention circuit and switches back onto the inner fanac circuit at 1.00pm. A player must throw the exact number to land on this square before he is entitled to transfer to the inner circuit. Alternatively he may pay 1 egoboo into the bank for each square covered and move directly to 1.00pm. If he does not succeed in throwing the exact number he remains where he is but ignores any directions for the square he occupies.

The Transfer Rule Any player on the inner circuit may transfer to the outer if the square he occupies is adjacent to a square already occupied by another player already on the convention circuit. Example: A player occupying August on the inner circuit and finding either square 8.00 or 9.00 adjacent already occupied, moves to April on his next turn and transfers to the convention circuit. A player arriving on such a square transfers on his next turn. A player departing from such a square transfers immediately. You should note that the corner squares march, june, september and november do not have adjacent squares on the outer convention circuit.


Play may continue to the bitter end, until all players are eliminated except one, the BNF par excellence. Or you may choose to limit play by ending as soon as one player has completed three or more convention circuits.