On this site you will find reports of UK Science Fiction Conventions
as documented in contemporary fanzines.

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All Convention Badge images reproduced from by kind permission of Bill Burns
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TWENTY-SIX CONS by Ron Holmes, Terry Jeeves and Ian Williams

MEDCON 1953 - Medcon or Bust! by Pete Taylor

BIRMINGHAM '65 - The Harry Harrison Show by Ivor Latto

GREAT YARMOUTH 1966 by Rob Hansen

BRISTOL '67 (BRISCON) - The Bristol Binge by Darroll Pardoe

CHESTER '72 (CHESSMANCON) - I Spent My Birthday at Chester and Lived by John Piggott

NOVACON 2 (1972) – Maule’s Well by Ian Maule

NEWCASTLE '74 - Once Upon a Tyne by Bob Shaw

NEWCASTLE '74 - Just In Tyne by Sam Long

NEWCASTLE '74 (TYNECON) - by Cath Gardner

BIRMINGHAM '74 - My Convention by Roy Kettle

COVENTRY '75 - A Transatlantic Convention Hurrah! Hurrah! by Brian Parker

COVENTRY '75 - The Great Seacon Freakout by Peter Nicholls

MANCHESTER '76 - Graham's Convention by Graham Charnock

MANCHESTER '76 - Tweed Elephant at Mancon by Rob Jackson

MANCHESTER '76 - by Kevin Williams

Mein Camp: Manchester 1976-by Tom Perry

BIRMINGHAM '76(NOVACON)- Snakehip's Dreams by Graham Charnock

BIRMINGHAM '77 - The Lost Weekend by Kev Smith

COVENTRY '77 - The Coventry Caper by Terry Jeeves

COVENTRY '77 - Wish You Were Here by D. West

LONDON HEATHROW '78 (SKYCON) - Survivacon by Paul Kincaid

LONDON HEATHROW '78 (SKYCON) - If You Go to Skycon Disco by Rob Hansen


LEEDS '79 - Dragonburger Boogie by Alan Dorey

BRIGHTON '79 - What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Ned Brooks

BIRMINGHAM '80 - Sphincters at Dawn by Roy Kettle

BIRMINGHAM '80/NEWCASTLE '81 - A Tale of Two Conventions by Rob Hansen

UNICON 3, KEELE UNIVERSITY '82 - Unicon in Retrospect by Linda Pickersgill

NOVACON 13, ROYAL ANGUS HOTEL, BIRMINGHAM '83 - The Nerds of November by Roy Kettle

HINCKLEY 2003 - And there I was and... by Greg Pickersgill

CORFLU COBALT: WINCHESTER 2010 - Entropy & The Heat Death of Winchester by Graham Charnock

NOVACON: NOTTINGHAM 2010 - Dave Hicks Stitched Me Up by Graham Charnock

BARCON 1 - LINCOLN 2013 - Don't Wee Anywhere by Claire Brialey

BARCON 2 - LEAMINGTON SPA 2014 - What did you do during Barcon 2, Daddy? by Graham Charnock

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